Monday, February 2, 2009

Enjoying Life

The past few days our household has been fighting a stomach virus. I really don't like being home for 4 days straight...but afterwards it really makes you apprecaite the ability to get out and enjoy life! However, on the flip side, it's been great spending time cuddling my girls.

I also have to give a shout out to my amazing husband who has been taking care of all of us. Life sure is sweeter when it's done in communtity. I hope you all have great people to lean on when you are down. I couldn't imagine parenting without support. This is one reason we moved back home to be near family, now that we have little ones. We wanted support around us. Now that we have that support near we see how beneficial it is to us and our little girls. Parenting is demanding, it's a 24/7 calling. It was also important to us to choose a church that would have support, for us, that means having people in the same life stage as us to grow with and lean on.

Since I had some time on my hands the past few days I got to play around on Picnik. Here's a collage I created. The pics are from our first snowshoe of the year, and in our very own yard! It was a great day. Enjoying eachother, enjoying the outdoors, life is good! It's the small things that give so much pleasure. Take notice of your present moment and embrace all that's good. I find when I do this I am most grateful. I call them little moments of sabbath. They have a way to rejeuvenate me! We all have great things happening in our lives, why is it always easier to point out the bad and worry about those things. In my point of view, they take up valuable time (and energy).

A little note about pleasure. A friend of mine was telling me she was thinking of her life, and couldn't help but think 'God is good'. Then she thought, 'no, God is good even if all this was taken from me, this is all pleasures of life'. I like the distiction she made. Too often we wonder where God is when 'unpleasurable' things happen and question his goodness. But God is good. Even if all around is is crumbling we are stil midst his love and goodness! So in those moments of sabbath throughout your day, if there is just no pleasure you can come up with, know that God's goodness is still there.

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  1. love the pictures!! looks like you guys have been enjoying your home and yard!! I can't wait to come visit. Also glad for your support from family around there. You know you'd have a great community of support if you ever moved back here too... ;-) No, I know how important family is and I'm glad you are there with them. love ya!