Thursday, February 19, 2009

7 Days of Goodness...Day 3

Days 1 was great! Didn't even have a headache from lack of coffee. Also, got a great restorative yoga time in. Loving reading before my early bedtime! Husband doesn't let me read in bed, since he can't sleep with the light on.

Day 2 things started to fall apart. I had a rough night putting the girls to sleep, it took 2 hours! Grace kept waking up Joy and then Grace did everything in her power to keep herself awake. Afterwards I had a few chocolate chips, but you know what, they weren't satisfying. So I just went to bed. No exercise...a little reading.

Day 3 and today I found out why everyone in my family has been GRUMPY!!! The noses started to flow...and I have the starting of a sore throat. I am modifying the program...more sleep, no exercise. Hoping I stick with it despite feeling sick. I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow hoping with some alignment I can fight this thing faster. Even had my husband make me a juice consisting of garlic, parsley, carrot and apple. I did it in shooters since I detest raw garlic! The parsley didn't do much to cut the flavour.

Husband is off for 4 days after tonight YAY!!! Looking forward to some relief putting the girls to sleep at night. It's just been VERY stressful.

PS. Claire - I think you are the only one reading this blog :) I'm a little shy to send it to people I know. It's nice we can keep in touch reading up on each other...but I'd love to chat in real person sometime!


  1. lol - that's funny I'm the only one reading it. As you know, i can so relate to the rough day. Yes, I would like to talk in person soon too. Thanks for the phone calls. Tomorrow is a busy day, but maybe Saturday? I miss you.

  2. btw...I do have you as a link on mine, so maybe people are coming over from that?

  3. no no no - i'm reading it too. :) it's been encouraging for me tammy, to know you are struggling with some of the same things!! i love ya for being so honest!!!