Sunday, September 27, 2009


The renovations are well on their way. I thought I'd share some of the journey.

Beginning to take it apart...quick a before pic!

Helping daddy.


Playing in the new cabinets.

For some reason this cabinet is loads of fun!

The floor is done now, more pics to come! Excited to have some more space back, right now we are cramped in the livingroom.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Keeping Up With Appearances

Today, again, I needed a break. So, the girls and I jumped in the car for some random adventures. First order of business, some sleepy time in the car, and mommy gets a coffee. Delightful!

Once the girls are on the verge of waking we stop at this store to pick something up. After the pick up we decided to walk about a block down the street to rent a movie. Grace was happy holding my hand. She was wearing her sister's 12mo pants and 12mo fleece jacket, if you can picture it, they are obviously very small for this (almost) 3 year old long lean body, covering her only to her elbows and knees. But she had insisted, and since I pick my battles carefully these days, she left the house this way.

In the movie rental store my beloved Grace told me she had to 'pee'. I felt a little helpless not knowing if or where the bathroom might be. We started toward the til to ask when it happened. She peed herself right there in the 'kids' section. Her pants were wet, her shoes were filling with urine and yes it made a puddle that quickly absorbed into the carpet. I wonder how many other 'accidents' have happened in that isle. The lady at the til was quite amused to know this. I don't think she knew what to do, other than ignore the problem and leave it for the cleaners to one day address.

As we leave I notice a second hand store right next door. Perfect, we'll go pick up some dry pants (note to self, always, ALWAYS, have a change of clothes on hand, because it's happened every time, when I don't, I NEED them!). Well we didn't find any pants. But Grace had a blast wearing a cowboy hat and a playing a guitar she found. It was priceless! So we purchased our findings and began the walk back to the car. Grace, in her short, wet, pants, short jacket, cowboy hat, and guitar, skipping along the sidewalk. I wish I had my camera on me! I laughed all the way home. One tries hard to 'appear' put together. But this little girl of mine, she doesn't care about appearances, she does as she feels. Sometimes it really annoys me. Today I understand. She is having fun. Being a kid. Loving life. I can really learn from her.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Ok, I'll have to update this later but I had to share how excited I am after visiting with a Homeopathic Doctor today. We have a great plan to keep our immune systems strong and supported for the upcoming flu season. Do you use homeopathy? Do tell your experience.

Homeopathy stresses 4 areas to address to encourage heath.
1. Drink Water! My Dr said that as soon as you feel sick, drink a big glass of water, this will help your body fight.
2. Eat well. Keep protein, veggies, then fruits, and lastly carbs in your diet. Sugar decreases the functioning of your immune system.
3. Sleep. Ahhh I wish this one were that easy! But best to be as rested as possible.
4. Exercise. Great way to let out all the stress.

Some supplementation:
My husband and I are not big in supplements, we believe you should eat your vitamins in good quality food. Here are some ideas from the homeopath dr.
1. Cod liver oil - great sorce of Omega 3 and Vit D
2. Tissue Salts #12 - these are micro minerals that feel your body at the cellular level.
Now for the immune builders when you feel sick:
3. Ferr Phos #4 - another mineral
4. She made us an immune boost remedy to take one drop when we feel suseptible. She also gave us a flu vaccine (interesting stuff, I'll have to find a link and post it). We're not 100% sure about this. But at least there are no chemicals, only a dead flu virus.
5. D Drips again when we feel run down.

We also plan to buy a homeopathy kit that has anywhere from 12-50 remedies in it and has no expiry. When you have a problem, such as a runny nose, you just find the remedy that is to help, take some pellets until the ailement goes away. The great think about homeopathy is that you don't need 'lots' of the effective ingredient, there's a small amount in each dose. So if you gave the wrong remedy it would do nothing. That's another good thing about the flu remedy there's a very small amount of the flu itself.

I know there's more, I'll have more to say later :) Kids are waiting!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Moment Of Peace

A friend once told me not to disregard a gentle whisper in a moment of peace. Today I had such moment.

Lately I have been overwhelmed by the choices 'out there'. Shall I continue with school? Get a job? Pursue this or that... sign up for this... focus on that... In the busy-ness I can get wrapped up in grandiose ideas. Plans!

Yesterday I bumped into grace. A friend of mine happened to be at a local bookstore I frequent with my girls when we have nothing else to do. We got to talking and then moved from there onto lunch with our children. It was nice to chat with a MOM. Someone who gets my desire to focus on my children. Who sees their roll as MOM as a calling from God. I realized how I had gotten wrapped up in being busy, in doing, in wanting, in ambitions which don't necessarily coincide with my first calling as MOM.

Today I was sitting in the grass with my girls. We were laughing together. We were enjoying simply being together. As my girls smiled happily at me I felt peace. I felt grounded. I knew that I was to be in no other place in the world than right there in that moment. That's when the whisper came 'love them'. Gently I played with them, kissed them, enjoyed them. I did not want to leave that moment. Not for greater ambitions, busy plans, selfish desires. Somehow in that moment my desires melted, no plans lay before me, no anxiety deep down, no lists, no regrets, only love. The desire to love and care for my girls overshadowed all.

The simplicity! What Grace! What Joy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Home Is Where I Shall Start...

Ok, if you have been on the Study in Brown, or Claire's site, this might make more sense to you. If not, bare with me. Recently I finished reading "Jesus For President" such a great book. But at the end I really felt paralized, how can I be living more inline with Jesus' plan for us Christians? I think this is a great question to ask oneself from time to time to keep perspective. So I prayed "where to start". Yesterday I cracked open a book that had a short but consise biography on Mother Teresa (I'll have to share some of her quotes, very insightful!). She chose to stay single and therefore use her life to love the unloved. I have kids, my first calling is to love themv (they are perfectly healthy and for the most part happy individuals). Somedays this is not an easy task! I also have extended family and elderly people in my midst who need some love. So HOME is where I shall start. In that I'm sure there will be opportunities to love other peoples! And I welcome that opportunity, I can definitely prioritize my spending, and choices about purchases to be made out of LOVE. I also really want to be GENEROUS with those around me, with my time, talents, and love. So here's where I can start...with eyes open to who God might also lay on my heart or in my path to extend His extravagant love!!!

Just read this from Holy Experience So beautiful and insightful. What a tangled web we live in. Sitting here on all this wealth while the rest of the world goes hungry. Yes I hear the call to give, because I NEED to give. But all around me people are wealthy in material possessions and poor in spirit. Running this rat race. Crying for a saviour. Sad. Depressed. Broken. Oh how we all need a little Africa. A little perspective. Freedom. Jesus.

Update: God gave me a great opportunity to love my family this week. It was hard. It hurt. But I am happy to respond with love (well mostly, I have some work to do foresure).