Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Home Is Where I Shall Start...

Ok, if you have been on the Study in Brown, or Claire's site, this might make more sense to you. If not, bare with me. Recently I finished reading "Jesus For President" such a great book. But at the end I really felt paralized, how can I be living more inline with Jesus' plan for us Christians? I think this is a great question to ask oneself from time to time to keep perspective. So I prayed "where to start". Yesterday I cracked open a book that had a short but consise biography on Mother Teresa (I'll have to share some of her quotes, very insightful!). She chose to stay single and therefore use her life to love the unloved. I have kids, my first calling is to love themv (they are perfectly healthy and for the most part happy individuals). Somedays this is not an easy task! I also have extended family and elderly people in my midst who need some love. So HOME is where I shall start. In that I'm sure there will be opportunities to love other peoples! And I welcome that opportunity, I can definitely prioritize my spending, and choices about purchases to be made out of LOVE. I also really want to be GENEROUS with those around me, with my time, talents, and love. So here's where I can start...with eyes open to who God might also lay on my heart or in my path to extend His extravagant love!!!

Just read this from Holy Experience So beautiful and insightful. What a tangled web we live in. Sitting here on all this wealth while the rest of the world goes hungry. Yes I hear the call to give, because I NEED to give. But all around me people are wealthy in material possessions and poor in spirit. Running this rat race. Crying for a saviour. Sad. Depressed. Broken. Oh how we all need a little Africa. A little perspective. Freedom. Jesus.

Update: God gave me a great opportunity to love my family this week. It was hard. It hurt. But I am happy to respond with love (well mostly, I have some work to do foresure).

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