Thursday, September 24, 2009


Ok, I'll have to update this later but I had to share how excited I am after visiting with a Homeopathic Doctor today. We have a great plan to keep our immune systems strong and supported for the upcoming flu season. Do you use homeopathy? Do tell your experience.

Homeopathy stresses 4 areas to address to encourage heath.
1. Drink Water! My Dr said that as soon as you feel sick, drink a big glass of water, this will help your body fight.
2. Eat well. Keep protein, veggies, then fruits, and lastly carbs in your diet. Sugar decreases the functioning of your immune system.
3. Sleep. Ahhh I wish this one were that easy! But best to be as rested as possible.
4. Exercise. Great way to let out all the stress.

Some supplementation:
My husband and I are not big in supplements, we believe you should eat your vitamins in good quality food. Here are some ideas from the homeopath dr.
1. Cod liver oil - great sorce of Omega 3 and Vit D
2. Tissue Salts #12 - these are micro minerals that feel your body at the cellular level.
Now for the immune builders when you feel sick:
3. Ferr Phos #4 - another mineral
4. She made us an immune boost remedy to take one drop when we feel suseptible. She also gave us a flu vaccine (interesting stuff, I'll have to find a link and post it). We're not 100% sure about this. But at least there are no chemicals, only a dead flu virus.
5. D Drips again when we feel run down.

We also plan to buy a homeopathy kit that has anywhere from 12-50 remedies in it and has no expiry. When you have a problem, such as a runny nose, you just find the remedy that is to help, take some pellets until the ailement goes away. The great think about homeopathy is that you don't need 'lots' of the effective ingredient, there's a small amount in each dose. So if you gave the wrong remedy it would do nothing. That's another good thing about the flu remedy there's a very small amount of the flu itself.

I know there's more, I'll have more to say later :) Kids are waiting!

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  1. We have off and on over the years. What advice did he give? I always thought healthy eating and lots of sleep and hand washing were the best for flu prevention.