Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am finally into the fourth section of 'Jesus For President' and I have such mixed feelings. I have been anticipating the application part of the book since the beginning. I loved sections 1 to 3...and was guessing some of the places he'd go in section 4, but not his far. Not this freeing! I didn't even know I was so 'in bondage' to the 'american way'. When you peel off the layers to that way of life, it's freeing not to live under those social expectations, or norms. But it's also freightening because some if it I still want. Is it ok to have part of it? Is there a balance? Lord show me what steps you want me to take.

I just stumbled upon this post at Study in Brown. WOW. My feelings exactly! How can I even dream to live as 'section 4' proposes without a community with similar ways. I know I couldn't do it alone. My Christian community, are they not the ones who are to walk this path with me? Would they think I was 'crazy'?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You Are a Good Mommy!

She was playing tenderly with her baby doll. Grace has been quite interested in playing 'mommy'. Whenever I have my baby girl, Joy, on my side, Grace will gather her dolly to her side. It's so sweet. The other day I said she was a "good mommy", she questioned "I a good mommy like you a good mommy?" "Yes" I responded. "You a good mommy, mommy!" she declared. What refreshing words. Especially when there are times you don't feel all that proficient at your 'job', a little affirmation is wonderful.

The other day Grace wanted some chocolate chips (quite the treat around here). I told her she could have some after finising up her supper she had refused to eat only an hour earlier. She agreed that she'd eat dinner. After a few bites she asked again for the chocolate chips. Yet again I asked her to eat more dinner and she agreed to a few more bites. Finally, I said yes to the chocolate chips, I asked her how many? She replied, "five please!" I agreed to the five if she would share one with her daddy which she happily did. Then she approached me with her four treats in hand and wanted to know if I'd like one. WOW! Oh how my heart rejoiced! For her to share such a treasure in her eyes was beyond expectation. It's an amazing feeling when your kids show their love. Hmmm I wonder if this is anything how God feels when we act in love. Believe me, it's the most flattering form of 'worship' and 'thanksgiving' for a parent to experience. How will I 'worship' and 'thank' my dear Jesus today?