Saturday, February 14, 2009

Be Mine!

My husband was really in the Valentine's day mood this year. I think it was because he now had 3 loves in his life and he wanted to celebrate that. Just an aside, my husband daily shows his love to all of us, you can see that he is overflowing with love for his family, it's quite neat. Anyhow, he went out and got each of us a little something. He bought the baby a banzai tree (if you know my husband this makes perfect sense), a teddy bear balloon for the 2 year old, and for me... mmmm a great bottle of Merlot! You can sense he was excited to express his love.

Well our 2 yr old Grace had had a fun morning at the farmer's market with gramma and grampa. They said she managed to sweet talk her way into lots of treats! Mostly of the high sugar variety. Needless to say by the time I got her home she was CRANKY!! Thankfully she went for a nap rather easily. My husband went to go wake her up in time for an early dinner he had prepared for us. He was excited to show her the balloon. Well, she was still cranky when she woke up. She could care less about the balloon and did not want to have dinner opting to watch some TV. Since she was beyond reasoning with in such a cranky state we allowed for her to do just that while we enjoyed our meal. I could tell my husband was disappointed. But we enjoyed each other and the meal.

Eventually she did come out of her little state and is enjoying the balloon very much. She also devoured her dinner wanting more. (Too bad daddy is at work and is not witnessing it).

The event made me think about yesterday. I woke up CRANKY!!! A BIG BABY. I'm not sure what it was. Eventually I told myself the truth, that there really wasn't anything to be so CRANKY about I managed to get myself out of it. But I could definitely relate to my 2 year old. I wonder in what ways God was showing me love as I sat there unwilling to receive, just as Grace refused her daddy's affection today.

I'm a firm believer that God is showering us with blessing and love all the time. We just either refuse to see it sometimes and choose to focus on the troubles or we are ignorant that God is loving (usually because people have told us we are unloveable in one way or another). The truth - GOD IS LOVE! He loves each of us very much. Not for what we do but for who we are, His beloved creation, His dear children. I'm glad He still loves me when I am cranky, just as I continue to love my toddler.

I hope you know how much God loves YOU.

Here are the loves of my life...

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  1. great post! I liked what you said about how God might have been trying to show you love buy you couldn't see it cause you were cranky. I can so relate. Sounds like Harley did his best to make it a special day for all of you! And mmmmm, merlot. Hope you had a glass for me.