Tuesday, February 24, 2009

7 Days of Goodness...conclusion

So yesterday was day 7. But let's back up a bit. Day 5 I went to a birthday party and eventhough I refrained from the coffee, I accidently had a muffin. Accidently because I forgot I wasn't having white flour or sugar until it was half eaten. I had some other goodies there too. Day 6 was Sunday, the Sabbath...so I had some coffee in the morning with my husband which just led into more 'sabbath' day excuses. So day 7 I was back on the program...for the most part :) I had a few chocolates!

All in all it was good to see that it was really easy not to have white flour or sugar in my home, since we don't have much if it there...it's when I left the house that it's hard. Coffee, well I survived, it was when things were going rough that I really wanted one.

I did get more sleep and read before bed which was nice. And the exercise portion well didn't happen much. I can't wait for spring!!!

What I learned was that when I am feeling down for whatever reason I resort to bad habbits...tv, coffee, sugar, etc. I've been feeling pretty out of sorts lately. Life is busy and very challenging with 2 young girls right now. Leah, thanks for the encouragement that it does get better...just waiting for that 6 month mark! In the meantime I am going to try and fill my life with more goodness!


  1. I also resort to bad habits when I'm feeling bad. when Josiah was 10-12 months and waking up TOOOOO much, every morning I had several spoons of Nutella because I felt like I deserved it, and because I felt sorry for myself...quite a few pounds later I joined WW. :) So I hear ya on those not so good for you pleasures. Sounds like this week you were able to "indulge" in things that are better for you. That's inspiring to me!

  2. yes, my bad habit when sleep goes down and grumpiness goes up is without a doubt coffee...with lots and lots and lots of 18% cream. and chocolate. i hear you as well! thanks for the encouragement to try something new!