Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air

Last Friday I went skiing with some new friends. I wavered about going, mainly because I really don't like the cold. But I went, dressing as warmly as I could (minus the warm wool socks I packed but fell out of my bag). I was so glad that I went. Not only did I meet some great ladies and got to know others better, I wasn't really all that cold! The fresh air revived something inside of me. I felt alive! So Saturday again I ventured outside for a walk with the family and some friends. It's finally March and spring is in sight.

Grace has really been enjoying playing in the snow. Yesterday she discovered her shovel and pail and started constructing castles. Her construction process consisted of filling her pail, dumping it, and then refilling it, repeat many many times! Today she even took her shovel and pail to the farmer's market! This evening the 3 of us girls ventured outside. Joy loved laying in the snow. I think the fresh air was good for her. Grace continued making her castles. It was fun...until it was time to come indoors, Grace wasn't done playing yet. Eventually the tears stopped. Here are some pics of my happy little snow angels.

Thanks Claire for posting that inspiring video. It gave me a renewed desire to blog. I was thinking, 'why?', but it's the beauty of a story told between friends that is a pure gift. May my story be a gift to someone out there in some way or another!

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  1. I'm glad you are posting again. I kept checking in and wondered if there was a reason you weren't posting. I love hearing your stories and I do receive your gift, inspiring me. I love the pictures of the girls too. I really miss M and hope I get to meet K soon too! And I hear ya on the fresh air revitalizing the soul. We're going to get outside again this week too!