Friday, March 13, 2009

2 Year Old Tendancies

Lately life feels like a roller coater. I know I am stressed when life feels to be flying by. Today I realized, as I watched my 2 year old throw a huge temper tantrum that I was indeed doing the same thing. I'd go from moments of pure bliss, loving life, being very thankful, to moments of panic. Grace does that too, although her tantrums are much more noticable. She'll be happy as can be, playing, laughing, cooperating and then all of a sudden she's defensive, angry, and sometimes lets it all out with a tantrum crying, kicking and screaming. I guess this is humanity! Sunday's message at church really hit home for me in that respect. I always feel that there's something wrong with me, that I need fixing...reality...I do need fixing but not the type that I can do alone. I need Jesus' fixing and to accept that I am human and won't be perfect, I will make mistakes, I will throw those tantrums. By God's grace I'll make it through, and face the day. Maybe I'll even learn a little about myself. Those tantrum moments are not avoidable (certainly my response to these situations I do have some control over ;) sin in this world is everywhere.

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  1. ha! sounds like we are having similar thoughts lately!