Saturday, April 4, 2009

One of those days!

Maybe if I write this here I'll actually feel like I am being heard. Maybe if I write it down I'll gain some perspective?! Today is one of those days. One of those days you had hoped for so much more but is not shaping up to be anything you had thought and definitely not anything you desire. For starters, I had a bad night last night, a tiff with the hubby (probably because I am sick and grumpy and only wish for sometime alone in my bed), and then he was out for the evening. So I single handedly put the kids to bed and then my sick self. Yup, it's when you are SICK that those days are just not pleasant. This morning we woke with the phone ringing, overtime. Which is welcome only for it's monetary value, today anyhow. But this does mean my sickly self will be alone with the girls all day. Walking into the main part of the house there are still supper dishes to be washed and toys and an improve art project are cluttering up the coffee table and surrounding floor. Oh how I wish I had the energy last night to clean this up.

So today will be one of those days that I don't do too much, or have much expectation of myself. Although it might be a good day to attempt to make my first loaf of bread? We'll see. That will depend upon getting the kitchen cleaned. And my patience with Grace as now she is insistent on helping every time I enter the kitchen. Which always means the job will take twice as long and even longer to clean up. One day she'll be able to do all this herself and I'll enjoy a cuppa tea while she bakes for me. Ahhh the joys of motherhood.

Needless to say I need a little extra love today. I hope whoever is reading this is not having 'one if those days' and if you are well know you are not alone. Make the best of it. We're going to watch some movies and maybe mess up the kitchen a little more (actually that part is driving me crazy at first chance I am tackling that job, maybe that chance is now and yet I sit here blogging). Hmmm I do feel better sharing. Have a great day!

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  1. Don't clean up any more than you feel like (it will still be there tomorrow and if it makes you more grumpy it is not worth it). Get down on the floor with the girls with a good magazine and a pile of toys/books for them. Play veggie tales or raffi or whatever makes them quiet for a while. Drink something good, don't think about your to do list (or change it to enjoy the girls) and at the most go for a short walk to enjoy the beautiful creation.