Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Soil

Others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop—thirty, sixty or even a hundred times what was sown." Mark 4:20

My daughter planted a bean seed as a craft with her Mamma. When she brought it home I have to admit my first thought was "this will be in the trash in no time, great!"I know my daughter likes to play in the dirt as the last plant she brought home was destroyed before it got home!

I watered it and set it on the window sill, low enough for my daughter to observe (really I had no hope this plant would make it anyhow). However for a 2 year old, "look but don't touch" is not something comprehensible when their curiosity gets the better of them. Sure enough in no time she had her fingers in it. I tried explaining that she could talk to it, water it, but not touch it. We wanted it to grow big and tall, but it wouldn't do that if she kept playing in it.

Even though I felt this plant was never going to sprout, God had other plans! My daughter was pretty excited to see a little sprout...needless to say so was I. Now each day we observe how it's grown. Little Grace says "I grow that daddy!" and my heart is full of joy.

The lesson here! I think there are times I don't reach out because I believe it's not 'good soil'. Those words won't make a difference, it's like throwing them to a pile of rocks, nothing will come of it. Or why go out of my way for this or that, it's hopeless. I am not the judge of 'good soil'. I am thankful that this little bean sprouted. I hope I can be more hopeful and trust that God is the one who causes any good to come. I can just be faithful in following Him, loving Him, doing as he asks. Loving others.

This little bean plant continues to grow more and more each day! It's a little bent from the curious toddler, but it's still growing strong!

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  1. Tammy, i really like the connections you make so effortlessly between parenting/family/kids and our relationship with God. Cute about, "daddy I grow this!"