Sunday, April 5, 2009


OK - if you haven't read yesterday's post do that first, here's the update.

First, thanks "annonymous" for your comment. For the most part that is exactly what I did, and after reading your comment took the 'walk' suggestion. It was great to be outside. A change of scenery...yay spring!!!

Who said? When life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Well that's what I did. I ended up cleaning the kitchen and managed to bake my very first loaf of bread and some scones. I had all the ingredients for the scones in the fridge since I was to make them for a ladies night last night, which I didn't attend because of my cold. My little princess (she had to wear a princess dress most the day) and I had a little tea party. It was so fun. The scones were so yummy. Now I will look back on the day as the day we had our very first Tea Party...and hopefully my very first loaf of many years of bread making.

I oughta see what other 'lemons' are lying around and make some more 'lemonade'.

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  1. HEY!! new posts! :) First off, I love seeing pictures of your girls and your home. Second...I hear ya on those overwhelming days. You know, I've come to learn about myself that if I keep the kitchen clean everything else seems manageable but as soon as the kitchen tanks, I feel buried and overwhelmed. Sorry about your rough day, but how cool that you turned it around and enjoyed yourselves. If I had read this sooner, I would have called you. I love you girl!