Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Day

This is the life! Sitting here this morning drinking my 'guilt free' coffee. More importantly I feel more at peace as a parent...and my daughter Grace is happy! This Playful Parenting book is really changing the mood in our household.

I've realized I have been pretty stressed lately. Christmas hoopla...the economics of this world...getting connected to a new's all compounded. I realized I was stressed when I started grinding my teeth (rather the dentist pointed that out). I didn't realize how it affected my parenting and mood in general. But I am changing my mind to be more playful and fun, for the sake of my kids, and wow, I feel great myself!

A happy mommy is a happy home!

Time to play! :)


  1. we should talk soon! I got your call, and I'd like to catch up. Hope the de-stressing is going well. xoxo

  2. btw...your links on the side don't seem to work. I think you have http: twice on each of the links.

  3. you were right! all fixed! thanks.