Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This morning I had lots on my mind. I met with some new friends for coffee last night and discussed faith. Mainly how we are saved through grace alone in Christ Jesus. As we talked I thought to myself, we keep saying the same thing over and over, I think we should get it by now. Then on the drive home my new friend asked me about my denominational doctrines. I couldn't believe how hard it was to reiterate this to her (which is not like me since my vocation for the past 8 or so years was to teach these doctrines). I was quite confused as to why I felt this way. I went to bed thinking, and got up thinking. This morning I think I understand my feelings a little more, it all came into perspective watching my 2 year old role play a sacred act between mother and child.

My husband and I were busy talking about the days events. He was getting Grace ready to go and wanted her to put her coat on her, when we both looked down at her and realized she was nursing her baby doll under her sweater. She looked up at us with the sweetest face and said "baby wants milk". Both of us stopped in out tracks and took in this simple moment between mother and child.

It's amazing how the actions of a 2 year old can put such confusing subjects into perspective. My explanation of my doctrines felt insignificant after a conversation that brought faith to it's simplest meaning - Christ Jesus. And hearing it over and over is what I needed (and will always need) because we are always bound to get caught up in the rules, doctrines, and routines of life pulling us away from the core meaning. Joy is now 2.5 months old, her life is so simple. Nursing, cuddling, smiling, and sleeping! She is content in the arms of her mother who loves her. Just as I am content in the arms of Jesus who takes away my shame and loves me always.

After the baby doll finished nursing we asked Grace to pose for this picture. Then we took the time to help our daughter cloth and assemble the necessary "baby" goods for the trip in the car. No one rushed. We all took our time and simply cared for the baby doll.

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  1. What a beautiful story and what a beautiful metaphor to how we relate to Jesus. Thanks for sharing. p.s. MG is SUPER cute in that picture.