Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Truce

Alright the fight is over! In more ways than one. I have been trying to give up coffee since March! I wanted to give it up during my pregnancy but couldn't I humoured myself with a half decaf coffee once a day. Now that baby is born I can indulge in a little more coffee, but my preference would be to not drink it (I hear it ages your skin and it also dehydrates you). Although, I don't think it's the caffine I need. As I posted before it's about the ritual of making it, the aroma, and then the amazing flavour in my mouth. It's a break for me. Sitting at the table with my laptop, husband, or good friend, drinking this goodness out of my homemade mug bought on a trip to Hornby Island. Ahhh that's good stuff.

I have also been fighting with my two year old. Sigh. She's going through a defiant stage (at least I hope it's a stage). I hate the parent I am some days. Especially yesterday. So this morning I cracked open a book I have had no time to read (there's a few other titles I am also trying to get through) and started reading. The book is Playful Parenting. Eventhough I have just read the introduction and parts of ch 1 I am hopeful and ready to end the war between my daughter and I through play, and creativity.

So the wars are over. My little coffee ritual is my playful time, and I need that. My little daughter needs her playful time too. I am determined to change stress and conflict in our home into laughter, smiles, and understanding. I'll let you know how the rest of the book is. It comes highly recommended from like minded parents.

Oh and further ponderings from the last Saturday's posting...I have been attending a weekly Yoga class, also going out with friends (for short periods) sans children. I can't believe how renewed I feel doing something for myself. When I get home I so miss my little ones. I highly recommend doing something for yourself moms! Your kids will love you for caring for yourself!

Oh and an update on Grace's weaning...she's doing much better than I am/was with coffee. I've given up that fight too. I have to forget about the pressures of our 'western culture' to wean her sooner rather than later. Kids all over the world are still breastfeeding upto age 5! At 2, my nursing daughter, is still a baby!


  1. Tammy, I missed your last post before this till now too. I really resonate with your thoughts on fear & hope. And I got a chuckle at the end of this post that MG is doing better with the weaning than you are with the coffee. What wisdom you are employing with giving yourself the freedom to have your "play" time with your coffee in the morning. Isn't that book inspiring. So often I'm reminded (after a fight) how long the fight took and how awful we all feel after even though we got him to "comply" AND how much less effort and more fun playing through the situation would have been.

  2. btw...I meant to say that I like the picture!