Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reflecting on 2008

It's been a crazy year for us as a family. Last year at this time if you would have asked me where I'd be Jan 1st 2009 I wouldn't know what to say. It all started with my husband's pursuit of a firefighting job back in our hometown. By March we knew that he was on the list to be hired but did not know when this would happen. March was a crazy month for us. We chose to celebrate my 30th birthday and our 10 year anniversary in Maui. Once our trip was booked we found out we were expecting another child. Our week in Maui with our 1 year old, Grace, was a welcome vacation. We knew that the months ahead of us would be busy. When we returned from our trip we found out that my husband would start his new job sometime in May. Our house was quickly put in the market and I began winding down from my career as a youth counselor. May was a crazy month as we packed, saw my husband move all our things, and Grace and I lived with a friend for 2 weeks. We made it to our new home just before June 6th, our wedding anniversary. June was spent living with our parents and deciding on a house to buy. Which was hard since we still had not sold our other house. We finally made a deal to buy 12 acres in the country but close to town. We moved in July 2nd. The next few months we settled in, did some renovations, and prepared ourself for the arrival of our second daughter. Joy was born in the beginning of November in our home. The birth was beautiful, and fast! Christmas came very quickly, and now it has passed. 2009 is before us. I hope that is it less eventful than 2008! I hope that it is a year to enjoy some of the life changing decisions we made in 2008.

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