Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Morning Coffee

Last night I actually got out without kids for the first time! (Other than a quick trip to the grocery store!) It was nice. Today, eventhough I am incredibly tired, I have a renewed energy for my kids. I have been thinking all week that I really need some "me" time and have been contemplating signing up for a weekly Yoga class (the yoga at home just doesn't seem to be working!). Anyhow, I can see this morning how even a little time out gives me such a change of heart and mind. Mommy's it's important to take time for yourself. I have always been told this, but for some reason don't believe it for myself. Give yourself some grace and take a break. God knew what He was doing when he talked about Sabbath rest. We all need a break from whatever our life's work is. I have learned this lesson many times...and He keeps having to remind me! Why would I always choose to ignore this gift?

Another little tidbit this morning...I have been attempting giving up the morning coffee ritual. I feel better physically having some green tea on the morning. (I've been limiting coffee outings and social settings). But going through the ritual of making and drinking the coffee is so comforting to me. Gives me perspective with Grace and her weaning. Poor girl, mommy taking away her comfort ritual. I have some renewed compassion for her this morning.

Thanks to Grace and Joy who allowed mommy some coffee time this morning to write and savour my coffee!

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  1. Hey! yes, I am excited to keep up with you on this blogging journey!! Can I link to your blog from mine? So interesting what you said about the compassion for MG w giving up your coffee habit. Love ya!