Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year Ponderings

I've used the following tool for the past few years to help me reflect on the past year and look forwad to the new year. It was given to me by a spiritual counselor maybe you will find it useful.

1. For what am I most thankful for in the past year?
2. What was my smartest decision in the past year?
3. Is there any unfinished business?
4. What was my biggest lesson?
5. Describe my finances?
6. Describe my relationships?
7. Describe my health?
8. Who made an impact on me this past year?
9. What do I need to do/say to make this year complete?
10.What do I want to create for my life this year?
11.How will I make a difference in this world in the coming year?
12.What is my support system for the coming year?
13.What do I want to learn?
14.If I had all the supplies/resources what would I do for myself?
15.Write down 30 personal goals.
16.Write down 30 service goals.

I also found the following post, 10 Quetions on Parenting. I am going to go through these questions myself.

Happy New Year! At the moment it doesn't look like it'll be 'happy' celebrations around here. Yesterday we had to cancel our party since I am sick, today, extremely tired, but on the mend...we also have a very cranky 1 year old, due to teething. Alas, we'll make the most of it. Some reflection. Sleep, hopefully. Tasty foods.

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