Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This Advent I am meditating on the first few chapters of Luke each day. I tried this a few years ago, but it didn't work out. This year I am hoping for a better outcome. A priest I knew had directed me then, he said that Christmas would have new meaning if you dwelt on the miraculous birth story for 4 weeks. From time to time I'll share my thoughts.

Today the word 'anticipation' stands out. I've been pregnant now twice, and understand the 9 month waiting game. There is much anticipation once you realize you are pregnant, and for some, the anticipation of becoming pregant (including me). You wonder how the delivery will go? What sex the baby will be? Who will the baby look like? How will the baby act? Will he or she be healthy? What will this baby become in this world? Much to anticipate. Much excitement aswell as concern.

Imagine Mary, anticipating giving birth to the Saviour! Wondering what would become of her son. How will people receive him? How will he act? How am I to raise such a child?

I think we spend our lives in anticipation most of the time. For me, at this time, it's an outcome, how will it unravel? What will be the end result? It's exciting at times, and stressful at other times. At times, I want it taken away. I don't want the unknown, will it be good? Bad? Sigh. Today I am humbled. I am reminded that there is always anticipation. Whether for big things or insignificant things. Each step we are to know and remember that Jesus goes with us. May Jesus go with me as I anticipate the celebrations of His birth. As I journey advent and know that God is doing a good thing in me. And know that in all things He journeys with us. What comfort. What joy. What a blessing. Emmanuel - God with us.

Some anticipations this advent: going out to get our tree, decorating, Sunday advent times with family, family time together, Christmas crafts and baking with the girls, the Christmas eve cemetary service (it's a scandinavian tradition), seeing the girls excitment over gifts and fun, fun with friends, snow (hopefully), growing in my understanding of the birth story.

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