Thursday, November 26, 2009

Consuming Kids

Last Night I attended this documentary. WOW! I had no idea the consumerism aimed at our kids was so deliberate. At one point the documentary accused them of being like a pedofile.I can definitely see the comparrision

In the documentary the children media experts state that the parents are the ones who dictate what influences their children. In many ways I agree with this. Although, what makes me mad is that marketing to kids is so manipulative. It's one thing to manipulate adults, even teens, who are able to process, and filter these messages, but children, particularly babies, don't have these skills. The parents who allow such abuse (yes strong word, but I believe the advertisers are doing this) to occur aren't the ones openly discussing these messages with their children. So who speaks on their behalf if the government doesn't regulate these messages. One could make a good case against a parent who makes their daughter believe she's not worthy or beautiful or the son who is taught to be agressive and controlling. We wouldn't look kindly on it happening between parent and child, but when it's masked behind hunour, animation, toys, and creations that are scientifically pleasing to the sight of a child one (particularly parents and the government, because surely these advertisers know what they are doing) no one realizes. Gee, they have even blinded adults in believing this is all 'appropriate' for the general good of our children, our future.

I've been really interested in attachement in babies/children since having my own kids. It's amazing that these advertising researchers actaually get this! They create these attachements between child and 'image'. They know kids will be loyal to these 'loved ones'. This makes me sick. Our children are watching these characters, building relationships with them, obviously one sided, and not nurturing or real so that when I take my kid to the store they will see such 'loved one' on a box, or toy, and want to buy it, being loyal to their friend.

Anyhow, my kids are into the TV, best they build actual relationships rather than one sided, false, ones with the characters on tv who were created by toy makers to sell products.


  1. watched this. oooohhh, makes me REALLY want to kill my t.v. ARG!

  2. Finally got a chance to watch this! Cant believe it! Its disgusting really! But its crazy that tv isnt even the half of it...its everywhere!!! Cant believe that they are bringing it into schools!
    I was really hope for another chapter in the movie...a chapter that focused on what WE can do as parents to chage things, take action! Surely getting rid of cable is only a small part of what can be done...
    any suggestions?