Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All Is Well

She's there again. It's a great feeling holding her. She's close. Nursing. Now that she's a one year old the times where she wants to be so close are becoming less and less. Yes, certainly, we still have many hours close together. I am glad that we co-sleep because at least if all day she is busy going, I still have that, for now. I am thankful that God has given us the beauty of nursing. To share these times. To hold our loved one close. To be still in the moment. It's nourishing her body, but it is also nourishing her soul. She is learning to be intimate. To be held. To give all trust to one who loves her. I desire to be intimate with God, but sometimes it's scarey, sometimes it's not priority, sometimes I wonder if it's worth making the time. My little ones have given me new perspective and hope. I want to know that unconditional love. I desire intimacy, and unwavering trust. I want to run into the arms of Jesus and know that all is well with my soul, just as I know from the peaceful look on my babies faces when they are nursing, that all is well.

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