Sunday, December 13, 2009


Today is the 3rd Sunday in Advent, JOY Sunday! Ironically I wasn't feeling much joy today. Ah, but joy is so much different from happiness. Now, after our family time I am refocused on what matters, real joy.

During our advent devotion time my sweet 3 year old told us about an angel that came to Mary and told her she was going to have a baby boy, named Jesus. Music to my soul.

We then read the story about the three wise men and their joy to see the baby Jesus, and about the gifts they gave. We shared about what gives us joy, pretty simple around here, each other, and Jesus. Then we talked about giving Jesus gifts. Grace (3) said her usual answer to my questions about Jesus and gifts, "Santa will give Jesus gifts."
"Yes dear, but what gifts can we bring to Jesus?"
"A Christmas Tree!" She exclaims.
"Well yes, the Christmas Tree is our gift to Jesus since it's an act of worship, all the things on it are reminders of what/who we are thankful for and the many things Jesus has done for us." After more explanation of 'gifts for Jesus' our 3 year old led us to her room to look for a book to give to a little girl or boy who didn't have many toys. She picked out a great book, brand new. Then she led us to the rec room to find a toy to go with it. She found a musical instrument. We were so proud of our little one to was joyfully giving her gifts to Jesus. Hopefully tomorrow she doesn't change her mind.

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