Friday, December 11, 2009

Homemade Christmas

Yesterday Grace and I did a really neat project that was cheap and easy, and is a great alternative to plastic Christmas tree decorations. I remember making these as a child. Ornament dough (recipe here) is simple! We made a few dozen stars. After they cooled I painted them a 'champagne' colour, which is a light gold. Then I gave my 3 year old a tube of gold sparkle glue, she'd squeeze some out on the star and spread it around with a paint brush. We are going to finish them off with some gold ribbon and after we add to our tree, we'll use the extras as gifts or as decorations on gift packages. I also made some trees and candy canes to paint another day. Grace made a snowman too, which we are going to dress.

It's fun being creative! I just received a copy of "Creative Family" and can't wait to expand the creativity in our home. I've only just cracked the book, but have already been motivated and encouraged. Today I did finger painting with my 1 year old. She LOVED it! (See my gratitude blog for a pic). Good thing it's non toxic. She made a beautiful rainbow. Through the creativity of this one year old God was able to speak to me. I had been asking for a rainbow for a few weeks. Waiting patiently. Not that now I know there's promise, I know there's promise, but it's nice to see a sign.

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  1. I'm totally going to try those...and *sigh* I'm waiting for a rainbow with you. (hug).