Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Baby was the first to wake. Daddy didn't hesitate to get up with her. He put on the coffee, the anticipation was building. I dressed and met him and baby in the living room. She had found all the balloons which scattered the floor, ready to celebrate a birthday. The coffee smell filled the room. Egg nog lattes were made and savoured. Still we waited for Grace to awake. Her door was wide open, as we played with baby, and started to make the celebratory breakfast meal. Alas, we could hear the quick footsteps of our precious toddler down the hall. "Morning!" "Merry Christmas!" Her face lights up. She looks around and sees the table set for a party and a big feast, she spots all the balloons, and the stockings that are now filled. It was a nice morning. Opening our stockings, hearing our daughters giggle as they opened little toys and trinkets. Next, we lit the advent candles, including a Christ candle. We sat at the table to enjoy daddy's pancakes, whipped cream and berries. A place was set for Jesus, reminding us that we were celebrating him. Such a precious morning, preceded and followed with family dinners, and parties.

One of the most precious gifts this Christmas was a blanket of white snow which covered our surroundings. Our yard looked like a winter wonderland. We managed a snowshoe and some sliding time on Christmas day...and we've been enjoying more since. What a joy to be surrounded by such beauty. Celebrating Him who created all this. Enjoying the creation. Savouring each moment outside (when you live where we do, moments are short when you can truly enjoy winter weather without jack frost nipping at every part of your body!).

Those were the savoured moments. However, for us the Christmas season doesn't come without some 'birth pains'. Our little family is on a journey to change Christmas, which means some own inner battles are going on, as well as with family around us, trying to understand why we just don't do things the way 'everybody else does'. Anxiety over our more 'humble' gift offerings. Trying to put past innuendos and comments that don't make one feel like celebrating with loved ones, and rather, escaping to another place. Oh family, love em, love em, love em...but sometimes they do bring out the worst in us. In me anyways. I've seen some ugly colours rearing in me. Thank God for grace and forgiveness. Purify me, like the layers of beautiful snow, make me clean.

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  1. Tammy, I love you! I love being on this journey with you. Merry Christmas!