Tuesday, May 26, 2009

From the mouthes of babes...

Little Grace has really been into the prayers lately. She is such a cutie as she explores communication with God. It is such a privilege to be part of it.

At meal times we'll ask Grace to pray and give thanks. Sometimes she protests. Other times she utters a little 'thank you Jesus' along with us. We never push her, she is free to pray or not to pray. We had a visitor from out of town one night and we asked her to say grace. She didn't want to. So the grown ups bowed our heads and uttered a little prayer. Then Grace bowed her head and started to thank God for the food, mommy, daddy, sister, and so on... Melts me!

The other night we were in bed and I asked her who she wanted to pray for. She wanted to pray for 'the lady'. She was refering to the interior decorator who came to visit us that day. Then she prayed for a friend from out of town, and then the list began, mommy, daddy, various relatives, her polka dots, light, and other objects in her eye sight.

Yesterday I was out for the morning. She must have wondered what was taking me so long and concluded that I was lost. She told her daddy that 'mommy is lost we need to find her'. Daddy told her to pray to Jesus for me. So she did. Just as she did, I rolled into the driveway. When I was greeted at the door she said 'mommy you not lost, I found you!' Then she was saying how she 'saved me', daddy corrected her and said that Jesus saved me! So sweet. But I hope now she doesn't think that if she wants something all she has to do is pray and it will appear, as I did! I guess we'll have to teach her that sometimes prayers take time to be answered, or are not always answered in a way we thought best. I am thankful that God worked it out to answer her prayer immediately yesterday.

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