Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Ponderings

Today was an early morning at our house. Grace crawled into bed at 5am!!! So early. We managed to snuggle until 6:30. Although, baby was bright eyed and Grace really wanted some stories so it was about an hour of convincing them that it wasn't morning time before we actually got out of bed. Then finally at 6 or so, I said "ok I think it's morning now." Grace ran to the window and on her tippy toes reached up pulling the blinds away and explaimed (which I think are probably her 2 most favourtie words besides 'no way') "Morinng time!" "You wanna see mommy?"

Now the girls are busy playing, eating, and I can sit and enjoy some goodness....yummy coffee, and a scone bought at the farmer's market yesterday and cathcing up on some blog reading. It's a good morning! Here are some things I am excited about...

The book of Romans. Some very cool stuff in there. I have been reading the NRSV translation, and like it a lot.

Health! I just read a friend's blog at "Heart of Flesh". Claire and I have had some great discussions about health and our fave topic, vegetarianism! I think there is something to springtime that makes us crave green goodness. After months of digging through the wilted produce at the grocery store I was delighted to find fresh spinach, romaine, and lots of herbs at the farmer's market. Above is a picture of my blueberry eater! Every morning she has a few handfuls of frozen blueberries from last year's pick. I can't wait for some fresh ones. Below is our baren garden. Underneath the soil are seeds just waiting to emerge with a sprout. Everyday I go out and see if there's anything yet!

Today we've got church, then a ballgame with our church family, meeting up with an out of town friend, and then enjoying a Sunday night with my girls probably playing with our new puppy! It's a new day! I love spring. As I look out on my yard I notice that the leaves have opened up some...yay!!! Enjoy the day.


  1. Your garden is so big. I am way jealous :) Glad you are having a great day!


  2. yes, I love talking veg. with you too...and the green goodness craving is strong! miss you a lot.