Saturday, May 9, 2009

Consumption - It's Everywhere!

I've been thinking about my week of being a 'non consumer'. It's going to be tougher than I thought. At first I was thinking that I just wouldn't purchase 'stuff'. But being a consumer is much deeper than that. I am consuming everytime I turn on my computer, my tv, a light, a water tap or flush the toilet. Excluding this type of consumption in it's entirety is not going to happen with 2 babies at home. I may as well set up a tent in the middle of the bush! Oh and the biggest oversight...using my car! I live in a rural setting, so not comsuming gasoline means STAYING HOME for a whole week.

So here are my thoughts...

1. I could limit my consumption of electricity at home but choosing activities that don't need to be plugged in! Ie. limit/eliminate tv, limit internet/computer time.
2. As for gasoline consumption, I could limit my trips to town and plan them precicely as to use the minimal amount of gas.
3. As for groceries, I am fine with making my own bread, meals from scratch, but items like tofu, or soy milk will be a problem. I can live without soy milk for one week, but I'll need to make an exception for the milk since my toddler drinks it.

I am sure there will be more thoughts. At first I was pretty excited to do this, now I am thinking it's so much bigger. But I am up for a challenge, and a little experiment is all it is, so no need for guilt about the concessions I'll need to make. As a society we're pretty entrenched in this consumerism game, so there has got to be a balance somewhere.

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  1. Tammy

    Thanks so much for your posts and thoughts about being a 'nonconsumer'. I so need help, ideas, and encouragement in this area of my life! It seems like I will work towards some goals excitedly, but then will go through periods of complacency. That is why we did to reinvigorate each other!!

    I was excited to read your comment about making your own bread, because as I write, my very first loaves of 'real bread' are in the oven! I think you are right in trying to do as much as you can yourself.

    I have also found that so many ways to simplify seem like chores at the beginning, but once I develop a routine and habit, it doesn't seem like work at all anymore. I have found this in handwashing our dishes and hang drying our clothes. Also, now this is our third summer of gardening, and I can't imagine missing out of the joy of summer without having a garden!

    Please post more of your ideas so we can all nonconsume together! Meg