Saturday, May 16, 2009

Still Frames

Yesterday I finally uploaded the pictures on my husband's camera. He's got some great shots. They make me smile, I hope you enjoy them too!

Grace wearing her dad's work hat.

Joy's 6 month pic.

My girls!

Hanging out in the livingroom.

Me and Joy.

Don't you wish you could hold all life's sweetest moments in a still frame, including the image, emotion, smell, and touches? Today I had one such moment. They always happen when you are least expecting them. Grace and I were playing with her magnetic alphabet on the fridge, Joy was napping, and in my heart I had such a warm feeling. A knowing. What that exactly is I don't calling, love, peace, joy, contentment... Sigh. I wish I could hold that perspective all the time. But I can recall them when things get tough, when I get derailed or side tracked into thinking something else is more important, more exciting. A friend told me never to disregard those moments of stillness. In those moments God is whispering. He's assuring me, this is what I made you for, this is where I want you to be, there is treasure in your midst, such precious treasure!

I needed such a moment today.

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