Sunday, May 17, 2009

"I Not a Princess"

Oh I have to share this story for all you moms out there. My 2 yr old has been really into wearing these high heeled shoes, sun glasses, and carrying around her baby doll. The other day out of no where she says "I not a princess mommy, I Grace, I a mommy!" To which I responded, "A mommy, well a mommy is much better than being a princess isn't it?" She said, "Yah!"

Speaking of princesses, I had a little fit yesterday. After a long day on my own with the kids my power turned off due to a wind storm. Since my phone bases are powered by electricity, I also had no phone, and yes, you guessed it the cell phone was dead! I could run through the wind storm to the garage and call from a really old rotary dial phone. I did this to try and locate my husband and then again to try and call the electrical company (that call lead nowhere!). They had to be quick because the kids were still in the house playing, I didn't want to bring them out in the storm.

I really did have a fit! This princess...was going to head to town to rent a hotel room for the night. After I calmed down, I took out the cards, and made some guacemole and chips and made the most of it. Then a short while later the power was restored. I could now make supper and resume my evening activities. Anyone else have trouble reacting when face to face with a tough situation? I had to laugh at myself afterwards because my first instinct was to comsume when my consumption was cut off!

By the way, for those who don't really understand what a power outage means, we live in a rural area, all our heating is electric (except the fire place which I have yet to start myself) top it off EVERYONE in my family was out of town for the long weekend. My husband was at a cabin only accessible by boat or a long hike! Besides I was already a little upset to be left alone with the kids so he could fish. I know he needs a break, but I'm a little jealous, since presently I could not do that without at least the baby latched on! Ahhh the joys of motherhood. Needless to say, as soon as daddy is home he is 'managing' the children, and maybe he should show me how to make a fire and possibly find a phone that doesn't rely on the power to be working.

Now that I think of it, the power may have been out for 2 hours. Maybe shorter...


  1. ha! i can so relate tammy! loved the story!

  2. I followed you over from Love is... or maybe it was HEart of Flesh. Anyway! I can completely relate! We are from South Africa, living in New Zealand temporarily, but the town we were from (in SA) had really poorly looked after electric cables and transformers. Whenever the wind blew even a little, we would find ourselves without power. We once went without power for nearly a week. On average it was between 8 and 24 hours at least once amonth, usually more. Somehow you get used to it. Now that we live in NZ, I kinda miss the power outtages. I miss slowing down and lighting a couple of candles and enjoying the peace and quiet that it can bring. But I completely "get" you! It can be frustrating.

  3. Thanks for your comments. Lee, I hope I can learn to appreciate those power outages! I was in a 'pitty' state that day, so it was one more thing that went time I hope I'll embrace it. My husband is going to show me how to light the fire, and we'll get a phone that is not dependant on electricity! Oh and some candles and flashlights in an accessible place. Sounds like an interesting life in SA.