Thursday, February 18, 2010

How To...

My husband and I had a lovely converstation today when we went for a winter walk. It was picture perfect. Nice and warm. The girls were simply enjoying the scenery.

I have more of this to digest. But we were pondering our attitudes of late. Mostly they've been 'how to' attitudes. How to deal with tough relationships (bound to happen when you live close to family I suppose). How to parent effectively. How do love others. How to renovate your home. How to be more frugal. How to live more green. How to be a good wife, or husband. How to be a person of faith. How to, how to, how to...and not enough real living! The 'how to' is important, but it's not the true thing that matters. When you live your life in constant analyzing there's little room for romance, and really living and loving.

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  1. sounds like some neat thoughts forming your head. We should chat soon. I miss you.