Saturday, January 23, 2010


Finally, a moment of peace. Daddy is putting the girls to bed. A ritual he quite enjoys. I have to say, I am glad he does, it's not my favourite time of day to be patient. I get pretty tired by day's close. Anyhow, finally a moment to ponder the happenings of the past few months. Life for us was pretty stressful. The details are not necessary. But the time, and energy were overwhelming and taxed our family life and my personal life quite a bit. The past few days I have even thought to myself, what now? What do I do with my time, my energy? Time to reset and refocus on my actual 'life's work'. My life as a present and intentional parent. It means back to some normalcy when it comes to routines with the girls. It means, back to play dates, fun outings, and our fun home school program. It means family time. Today, we did just that. It was great. So much fun.

My parenting and spiritual pondering have been the focus of this blog. I am happy to continue with this. However, for 2010 my husband and I are on another interesting adventure. We are seeking to be frugal! We want to spend less, buy less, and live on less dollars. Why? Mainly because we've gotten ourselves into some debt with a cross country move and a job career for both of us. My wonderful work now brings in a whole $500/month compliments of the government. My husband's pay has been drastically reduced due to a career change. But we are happy with our choices. We just weren't anticipating how hard it would be to adjust to our lack of cash flow. Those who know us are probably thinking, you've been living this way for 1.5 years now. True. It's taken that long to realize we need to make some changes. A lot of things were also going on for us financially in that time, selling a house, buying a house, renovations, investments. Now that has all settled and we can see the dust settling.

Our plan for 2010 excites us, and scares me. But I think it will be a challenge that will really help us in the long run. So here's to a year of living frugally. It'll be challenging. It will have sacrifice. Here's hoping we have some new discoveries and insight along the way leading us to a healthier perspective on finances and money and set us up for a future where we can focus on other better things in life.


  1. hey funny - us too! I am really enjoying the challenge and finding it quite delightful. We did a budget and are moving to cash budget for a few things to keep better track of it. I have a few blogs that give some great frugal ideas, I'll have to pass them on to you.

    And so glad you can move forward from all the stress. xoxo

  2. Glad you are moving on from all the worries :)

    And us three. We have been on a cash budget since December and it is actually going way easier than I thought it would! For me 'easy' spending is a habit, so I just need to totally cut myself off for a while. Okay this isn't really exciting but exciting to know you can get ideas from others.