Sunday, January 3, 2010

Can She Be My Best Friend?

"We were thinking we might like to adopt child who doesn't have the things you have, such as food, clothing, and money for education or medicine." We tell our little Grace.
"Can she be my best friend?" The eager 3 year old asks.
"Sure she can be your friend, you can write to eachother?"
"But I want to see her, I want her to come and play with me!" She demands.
"She lives a little too far for that, but we can pray for her, and send her things, and mostly support her with some money."
"Okay." She settles.

Our gift to Jesus this Christmas was to sponsor a child! She is a 4 year old from Honduras and has been waiting for a sponsor for over 350 days. It's actually been something I have wanted to do for a few years now. We used to sponsor but for one reason or another stopped. It's been on my heart to ponsor again ever since we had our own children and see the need from a parent's perspective. I don't tell you this because I think I am great now that I sponsor, actually I am very embarrassed that I am only now sponsoring, and really this is such a small step, as I would love to be giving more. I tell you this because I hope that you too might be inspired to help someone out. The cost is $35/month, and of all times in my adult life, right now is the time we are most scrambling to pay our bills, however, I think it is fitting. This little girl goes without much of the necessities in life each day. I am sure we can sacrifice a little more to make sure that doesn't happen anymore.

Another reason I tell you about this is because I have really felt in my heart that I want to do more for Child Advocacy. There are some horrendous things happening to the children of this world, abroad but also here in Canada. This is a small step towards being a voice for the children.

I am so excited to see the relationship between our sponsored daughter and Grace play out. We really want her to have a wider world view than what she sees day to day, which only depicts how a small population of people live.

"Be the change you want to see." Who even said that? But this saying inspires me to act. Often I get overwhelmed by what's going on in this world, I think, what can I do, little me? One person! But if I want to see change, I must start with myself. I can change, I have the power to do that much. What will you use your powers for?

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  1. Ghandi said that. And we got two sponsor children for Christmas (one for each kid) this year too :)