Wednesday, January 13, 2010

God Makes Me Happy

Like most mornings she wakes and crawls into bed with me. I try to stay in bed until the last possible moment. Snuggles and talking distract her from wanting to leave the warmth of the bed and go to the cold kitchen to eat or play.

She points at the light.
"What is it dear, is that the light?"
She points again, and grunts.
"Do you like the lights?"
"It makes me happy."
"The lights make you happy?" I inquire.
"God makes me happy." Such sweet words for any mom who longs for their child to be connected to the creator to hear.
"Why does God make you happy?" There must be more going on in her little brain.
"God told me that I would have a best friend, someone who will share with me, and play with me all the time." She excitedly proclaims.
"He did, you're right, Joy (her baby sister) is your best friend."
"No. Joy is a little baby, my best friend is a little girl like me."

Interesting. I wonder if her heart's longing was for a playmate, and God reassured her that she indeed would have a best friend. Grace talks about best friends all the time. She makes art projects for them, and asks to play with friends daily. How awesome that God would give her the joy of knowing she'd have a best friend.

Today our compassion package came in the mail. I showed the picture of our sponsored child. Grace was quite excited and proclaimed, "My best friend, just what I was talking about! I will share with her and play with her." Heart breaking, knowing she might never meet this precious little girl but overjoyed that her desire is to be her best friend and share with her...hopefully in their own way they will 'play' together long distance. She does understand she's far away, she states that. She's smarter than I give her credit for.


  1. Have you read Brad Jersak's "kissing the lepers"? There are some really interesting stories in there of kids hearing God. Give sweet Grace a kiss from us.

  2. lol - i have your book remember! :) read most of it...almost done...been reading 'can you hear me' and we got the kids one.