Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Grace is Sufficient For You

So if you've been following my little banter back and forth I'd like to direct you to this blog. The words that got to me: 'my grace is sufficient for you'.

Do I believe we should LOVE our neighbour and this world we live, YES!

Who's the one who taught me that, urged me in that direction? The Spirit.

Who's the one who'll give me strength and direction to continue in that path?

The Spirit.

When I feel hopeless, overwhelmed, or stuck these words speak to me: 'my grace is sufficient for you'. It'll be those same words that say 'rest' that will fill me with love to 'do' the work the spirit has directed me.

It all starts with LOVE and REST and GRACE....Jesus!

So now, to go and 'do' as the spirit leads, filled with grace, filled with love and compassion for my family, my community, this planet, and most of all Jesus. With the spirit we can move mountains. It'll take time and patience and lots of LOVE but God will weave it altogether in a beautiful life giving way.

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