Saturday, June 13, 2009

Holy Experience

I'm not sure if anyone reading here has checked out the blog Holy Experience. WOW, it always speaks to my heart. Not in ways of 'doing' it's 'all grace' as Ann (the author) would say.

I particularly like the last few posts on thanklessness and on life being art and then on joy in all circumstances!

I am beginning to think that all my little 'convictions' are imprisoning me. Yes that includes my experiment on consumerism and my latest dilema PLASTICS!!! I want to focus more on love, grace, joy, JESUS! Thanks Ann for always sharing grace in your blog posts.Thanks also to a new friend who always redirects me to grace.


  1. I love that blog too. God doesn't want us to feel trapped that is for sure. But I think it doesn't mean he doesn't want us to do anything about things either, but to do it in the freedom of his love, not out of panic is the challenge...


  2. Yes, I agree. It's remembering this when we are fearful or stressed. It's trusting in his power and not our own. He can do all things as he chooses. If he chooses to part of those good things through me, I am grateful.